Courses SOR: Applied Maths in Telecommunications, Logistics and Health Care

 The courses of the SOR group are concerned with stochastic processes. The courses cover a wide spectrum, from theory to applications. The applications we focus on in the courses are mainly telecommunications and logistic systems. What follows is a list of the courses, as given by members of the SOR group.

Courses in the bachelor programme.

Name: Markov Chains
Code: 191530650

Name: Stochastic Simulation
Code:  191530820

Name: Stochastic Models in Operations Management
Code: 191530880

Courses in the master programme.

Name: Game Theory
Code: 191521800

Name: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Code: 191531700

Name: Stochastic Processes
Code: 191531700

Name: Stochastic Processes
Code: 191531750

Name: Queueing Theory
Code: 19153187

Name: Markov Decision Theory & Algorithmic Methods
Code: 191531920

Name: Networks of Queues
Code: 191531940

Name: Capita Selecta Stochastic Operations Research
Code: 191531960