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Data Analyst Intern

About Kroodle

Kroodle is a small innovative insurance company in the Netherlands. Although we are part of a larger organization (Aegon), we do behave like a startup. At Kroodle we don’t like long meetings, because we rather make things happen. We like to do things ourselves rather than hiring expensive agencies. And we love data: we make (almost) every decision based on data and it is in the core of our business.

Connected insurances

Kroodle is working on new exciting products. One of them is our connected car insurance ‘CarKroodle’, now on the market for a couple of weeks ( The safer you drive, the lower is your insurance premium.

The next product will be the connected body insurance ‘FitKroodle’. This will be a term life insurance with a dynamic price based on data input from wearable devices like a FitBit or Apple Watch. At the end of every month, we analyze this data and predict the customer’s life expectancy. The healthier you are, the higher your “risk score” and the lower your monthly fee.

For this FitKroodle proposition, we need an enthusiastic student who can help us to create a model that can turns real time health data into a score that predicts life expectancy. Once the model is ready, we will create a prototype with our own developers and start testing.

What we expect from you:

  • Scan scientific papers and best practices in the market to identify relevant risk factors.
  • Develop a risk model for our FitKroodle product.
  • Be able to work independently, be creative and be able to take own initiatives.
  • Having a sense of understanding for the business and always putting the costumer value first.

What we offer you:

  • A cool place to work: De Caballero Fabriek in The Hague
  • A paid internship (Aegon terms)
  • Knowledge and toolings from Aegon’s customer Intelligence team
  • High level of responsibility and desicion-making in line with the core business values


  • You are a statistics mastermind (background: math, statistics, econometrics or similar field)
  • Experience with, and comfortable using tools for advanced simulations like MATLAB.
  • Easily handles large data sets
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts
  • Good communication skills

If you are interested in this position, please apply with an email to

Information UT-SOR: professor R.J. Boucherie.