Non-fiction writing

I am a non-fiction writer in my free time. My books have great reviews, sell well, and have already helped many people. Up to now, I have published four books.

“Our nice teenagers”
(“Наши хорошие подростки”, In Russian)
Alpina non-fiction publisher, 2010.
This book is about raising teenagers and how children are raised in The Netherlands.

“Vocation formula – 7 rules for choosing university”
(“Формула призвания – 7 правил выбора вуза”, In Russian)
Alpina non-fiction publisher, 2012.
This book is addressed to high school students and is about what questions to ask, what information to look for, and how to talk to the parents when choosing the studies.

“IQ to Love”,, 2014
This is a relevant and fun book for intelligent young men about relationships.

“Who needs mathematics? A clear book about how the digital world works",
(«Кому нужна математика? Понятная книга о том, как устроен цифровой мир»,
In Russian, Mann-Ivanov-Ferber 2017)
Andrei Raigorodskii
The book is about applications of mathematics in digital technologies.
The topics include: planning and scheduling (linear programming), coding theory,
random graphs and robustness of Internet, load balancing in web servers,
probabilistic counters and big data, cryptography and on-line auctions.