General rules

  • Clean up before you leave and don't leave your stuff behind! Things found in the SmartXp might be thrown away by the technicians.
  • Lended tools should be returned the same day.
  • No cables on the floor.
  • No electric tools unless permission has been given.
  • No spray-paint.
  • No smoke generators unless permission has been given.
  • The folding tables are not suited to sit on.

Rules for the evening

  • To use the Smart-XP you first have to reserve it with Alfred de Vries of Egbert Nijland.
  • If it is an activity outside of office hours: please enroll at the event office ( and Michel ten Bulte (Zilverling kamer 1082, tel 2800).
  • Have (enough) BHV certified people accoriding to the UT-rules.