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Robot Operating System (ROS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Student Assistant Position: Robot Operating System (ROS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

This student assistant position is related to the development of a remote lab (SysLCM-Lab: System Life Cycle management LAB) to be used during some UT courses, such as the System Lifecycle Management (Industrial Design Engineering) and the Smart Industry (Business and IT) master courses. Through a remote lab, students can remotely access real infrastructures and perform experiments.

If you take this position you will be part of a team composed by 3 professors and another 2 student assistants (from the fields of mechatronics and electronics) and will work on IT-related tasks, which will involve Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation topics. Currently, the SysLCM-Lab offers the possibility of experimentations with DiddyBorg Robot and Mars Hover kits with some sensors and Wi-Fi capabilities, which are useful demonstrators of Industry 4.0 technologies and platforms for cooperation among competitors when dealing with common research themes.


The main goal of this assignment is to support the preparation of a Robot Operating System (ROS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This ROS IDE should cover the programming, deploying, testing and simulating phases of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process. Therefore, the student assistant will learn why and how IDEs support the ALM lifecycle in the Smart Industry scenario, giving emphasis to Industry 4.0 applications running in the ROS.


The student assistant will be responsible for:

  • - Search and experiment robot development/simulation infrastructures, such as the ROS Development Studio
  • - Create a recipe (guidelines) to prepare an IDE (e.g., Eclipse) for the development and deployment of ROS applications (
  • - Create a recipe (guidelines) to prepare a simulation tool (e.g., Gazebo) for the remote simulation of ROS applications
  • - Execute the recipes to prepare the development environment for lab students
  • - Create simple ROS applications with use cases involving the current SysLCM-Lab equipment, e.g., the DiddyBorg V2 with wi-fi and infra-red sensors

Main requirements of the environment: 

  • - The IDE should be able to support Python and/or C/C++ languages
  • - The IDE must support automated deployment, tests and continuous integration  
  • - Development and simulation should be integrated through automated tests

Your work schedule and reimbursement:

Working time: 4 to 8hs/week. Total 72 to 112hs = up to 2.800 euro

Related master projects:

There are two open master projects where the students can use the SysLCM-Lab