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Blockchain based transaction processing systems

Master Assignment Service ANd Cyber-Security (SCS)

blockchain based transaction processing systems 

Type: Master BIT 

Location: CAPE Groep Enschede

Period: May, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Student: Christian Spijkerboer



Payment or trade systems can potentially benefit from a Transaction Processing (TP) system that uses blockchain. But there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the use of blockchain. It is said that blockchain can ensure trustworthy audit trails, but is this true? And can blockchain create trust between different parties? And what are the common architectures of both TP systems and blockchain applications? The aim of this master project is to design an architecture for TP systems using blockchain to save transaction data. The saved transaction data should function as a distributed ledger, which can be shared among parties and is not owned by any trusted third party. The potential is there, but because of the youth of blockchain, there is currently no clear architecture. The central research question is: “What reference architecture can best provide a basis for the design of a blockchain based transaction processing system with a trustworthy audit trail, and integrations to existing applications?”