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Thermodynamic Aerosol Evolution


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Philip Morris Products S.A

Post Doc:

Edo Frederix


Prof. Bernard Geurts


Philip Morris Products S.A;  Markus Nordlund and Francesco Lucci


This project is a continuation of Edo’s PhD project, the thesis of which he successfully defended on 11 November 2016. It continues on the Eulerian techniques which were developed in order to model aerosol dynamics.

This PostDoc project consists of three topics.

  1. Aerosol wall thermodynamics
    An aerosol consists of vapors and droplets. At a solid wall, both the vapors and droplets may have interaction with the surface, in terms of deposition, nucleation and condensation. Moreover, material which is present in the wall may evaporate into the aerosol. We set out to model vapor condensation onto solid surfaces as well as re-entrainment of deposited fluid into a carrier gas by means of evaporation, within the Eulerian aerosol model which was previously developed. We aim at capturing these effects, and validating them.
  2. Multi-species aerosol droplet condensation and evaporation
    An aerosol droplet may consist of many species. The droplet may be present in an under-saturated environment, leading to evaporation. Conversely, if the environment is super-saturated, the droplet may grow due to condensation of vapor onto the droplet. The rate at which either evaporation or condensation mass transfer occurs is influenced by a complex chemical interaction of all species inside the droplet as well as inside the vapor mixture. There are many models available describing these physics, each model taking a different amount of complexity into consideration. We aim to implement a variety of well-known condensation-evaporation models and to study their accuracy in specific physical settings with respect to experimental data.
  3. Opensource code project
    In Edo’s PhD project a code platform was developed for the Eulerian modeling of aerosol dynamics. In this PostDoc project we plan to polish the code and to publish it such that it will become freely available to the aerosol modeling community

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