Dieuwertje Alblas - MIA
Riccardo Bardin - MACS
Vincent Bosboom - MACS
Nicoló Botteghi - MIA
Xiaoyu Cheng - MACS
Giacomo Cristinelli - MIA
Sven Dummer - MIA
Sagy Ephrati - MMS
Arnout Franken - MMS
Elena Giamatteo - MACS
Leonardo del Grande - MIA
source: http://www.malinc.se/math/trigonometry/geocentrismen.php - Heeringa - MIA
Lucas Jansen Klomp - MIA
Muhammad Hamza Khalid - MACS
Nishant Kumar - MACS
Kaifang Liu - MACS
Xiangyi Meng - MACS
Nida Mir - MIA / MDI-TNW
Hongliang Mu - MAST
Kevin Redosado - 3MS
Julian Suk - MIA
Hannah van Susteren - MIA
Elina Thibeua-Sutre - MIA
Alexander Wierzba - MAST
Jens de Vries - MAST
Fengna Yan - MACS
Weihao Yan - MIA

MSc research

Current BSc or MSc project:

You can find  our SACS students in the SACS MSc room: ZI-3070

Open Master/Bachelor Assignments

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Finished MSc projects

This list (under construction, by no means complete) is meant to give you an impression of what could be achieved during your final project period, and what a thesis in our area could look like.

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contact the SACS secretariat at: secretariat-sacs-eemcs@utwente.nl  to make appointments with Christoph Brune (MIA), Anton Stoorvogel (MAST), Jaap van der Vegt (MACS) and Bernard Geurts (MMS) and find out what SACS has to offer.