Systems, Analysis and Computational Sciences

Leonie Zeune

is a PhD student in the Applied Analysis (AA) group at the Department of Applied Mathematics as well as in the Medical Cell Biophysics (MCBP) group at the University of Twente. Her research focuses on variational methods in the field of mathematical image processing and inverse problems in tomography with biomedical applications.

Short CV:

Leonie received her Master’s degree in the imaging workgroup of Prof. Martin Burger at the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Münster, Germany. She wrote her master thesis on reconstruction methods in the field of electron tomography in collaboration with Dr. Christoph Brune (University of Twente) and Dr. Ozan Öktem (KTH Stockholm, Sweden).

Current PhD Project:

Her current PhD project is part of the CANCER-ID project and aims to automatically detect circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood probes by mathematical image analysis. She is supervised by Dr. Christoph Brune (AA) and Guus van Dalum (MCBP).