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Assignment: Activity Recognition Using Two Radars

Activity Recognition Using Two Radars

Problem Statement:

Human or animal tracking and activity recognition can give us a bird-eye-view of their health and an early alarm if they are suffering from distress or anxiety. In this project, we want to use to monitor them and recognize different activities. Previously we used one radar to perform activity recognition, and the data set is already available. In this project, we will use two radars simultaneously and check the difference in terms of accuracy and precision. Note millimetre-wave FMCW radar has been tested for medical cases, so it is safe for both humans and animals, and you can work on this project at home with your pet (dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, etc.) or monitor another person. Moreover, it is a remote monitoring system so that nothing will be attached to the animal or human.


You are free to choose human activity recognition, animal activity recognition, or both. You need to work with an mm-wave radar. You will be assisted with using the radar and data collection through it. You are supposed to know how to write codes in Python language. Moreover, you should be acquainted with Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods.


10% Theory, 40% Data collection, 40% Simulations and analysis, 10% Writing


Ehsan Sam Sadeghi (E.sadeghi@utwente.nl)