Assignment: subtle human motions

Predicting subtle human behaviour

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Problem Statement: 

Aim: To test the performance of millimetre-wave in monitoring subtle human activities like continuous tapping, kicking, etc. and relate them to predict mood/behaviour.

Background: Human monitoring is important and required when a person is not able to take care of himself. Such situations are very common in old age or with people suffering from disabilities. To reduce the burden of care in such situations, technical interventions are always welcomed. Continuing the same direction, this project focuses on detecting and, hence monitoring subtle human activities. We target subtle human activities as a lot of research is already done in recognising activities like walking, running, etc. Further, these activities are of interest as they are directly related to the mood or behaviour of a person. By monitoring these activities, we aim to predict the mood of a person that can help in providing adequate and quality care.

Expected Results: In the end a proof-of-concept prototype monitoring subtle human activities is required.

Type of work expected

  1. This work includes lab testing with volunteers.
  2. Data analysis will include machine learning.
  3. A sound literature review will help in understanding the problem better.

This project will take in co-operation with Pervasive Systems and NEDAP healthcare.


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