Assignment: More Vital Signs

I feel OK as long as you are OK buddy! 
Check your pet heart rate together with your heart rate!

Problem Statement: 

In a pandemic, you may spend a long time with your pet at home alone. You may be concerned about their health as much as you are about yours. With these in mind, in this project, we want to use millimeter-wave frequency modulated continuous wave radars (FMCW) to obtain tiny body (chest) movements and extract vital signs out of them. This project's primary goal is to extract vital signs (heart rate and probably respiration rate) from received signals and distinguish between your vital sign and your pet's vital signs. Note millimeter-wave FMCW radar has been tested for medical cases, so it is safe for both humans and animals, and you can work on this project at home with your pet (dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, etc.).


First, the students need to study the relevant signal processing methods used to extract the heart rate from the FCMW radar signal.

Second, he/ she should collect the required data at home while having a reference wearable device. We'll provide bth the ssmartband and the FCMW radar for you.

Finally, different signal processing techniques (amplitude-based and phase-based methods) should be tested on the collected data to check the robustness and accuracy of each.


20% theory, 10% data collection, 60% signal processing, 10% writing


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