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Assignment: Cycling-related Insights for Stakeholders

Cycling-related Insights for Stakeholders

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Problem Statement:

In the smart connected bikes project, we aim to build a smart-cycling ecosystem that improves cycling safety and experience. This potential ecosystem includes people like cyclists, automobile drivers, pedestrians, etc. and organizations like the municipality, traffic officials, bike company, etc. However, a real ecosystem with smart connected bikes and the involved stakeholders does not exist. The stakeholders mostly rely on the data from the infrastructure to gain insights, which requires additional cost to install and maintain. Furthermore, some stakeholders are independent and do not have the possibility of sharing the insights.


At the end of this project, the student is expected to know what insights the stakeholders are interested to gain. The student is expected to contact at least two stakeholders  (Municipality of Enschede and one other), explaining the insights we can offer from our project, and receive their feedback. The student should highlight the benefits of our insights for them and encourage them to be a part of our smart-cycling ecosystem. The main task is to interact with the stakeholders and report what insights they are interested to gain from us. Examples of our potential insights will be explained to the student. Good business interaction and communication skills are preferred.


10% Theory, 60% Practical, 30% Writing (Flexible)


Deepak Yeleshetty – d.yeleshetty@utwente.nl