Bachelor and Master projects

The Pervasive Systems group continuously investigates new and exciting research areas and there are a lot of opportunities for Masters and Bachelors students to explore new interests or consolidate foundations. Have a look below for some ideas, all the projects can be tailored for either Masters or Bachelors, For more information about the projects and to discuss your own ideas in research at Pervasive Systems, please do get in touch with our Master Project coordinator Alex Chiumento.

You have to fill in the registration form at the start of your project.

Available assignments

The student assignments have been provisionally divided into categories to make reading this page easier. In general, each category represents the application domain in which each research project can be carried out. All projects have a small header at the front specifying if the main work deals with sensing, data science, or networking. Interested students are encouraged to contact prospective supervisors to see how a topic can be adapted.

[S = Sensing,   N = Networking,   D = Data Analytics and Machine Learning] 

Humans and Health

The Natural World: animals, plants and biodiversity

The theses just below can be performed together with Wageningen University and Research

Wireless networks of the future

Localization and Navigation

Smart Mobility and Transport

Smart infrastructure and predictive maintenance

IoT & Security

IT-security in mobile ad-hoc networks

Construction Sites

Theses in Industry

The Pervasive Systems group collaborates very actively with many industry and research partners. Below is a list of interesting industry-lead research topics for the students interested in an experience in the industry sector.

Several Projects on Embedded Machine-Learning with NXP AI-Team Eindhoven