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Bachelor assignments

Pervasive Systems group has a wide range of interesting and challenging assignments available for bachelor and master graduation projects. If you have your own proposal for a project that fits Pervasive Systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Available assignments

[S = Sensing,   N = Networking,   D = Data Analytics and Machine Learning] 

  • [DN] Make Cars Great Again: V2X communication in mixed traffic
  • [D] Where is Everyone Going?: AI-powered traffic pattern predictions 
  • [ND] Fixing the Wi-Fi in the future?: Predictive Forward Error Correction
  • [ND] Finding the Truth: Probabilistic Graphical Models for cross-layer inference
  • [D] Pandemics: How does the logistics sector cope with the outbreak?
  • [D] Pandemics: How can contact tracing be performed in a privacy-respecting manner?
  • [SD] Securing your things: Find the anomaly in the IoT
  • [D] Listen up: Unobtrusive voice sensing for elderly care in agitation
  • [N] Connect: Ad-Hoc LoRa network in extremely lossy environments 
  • [D] WATER: Investigating the failure of PVC pipes
  • [SN] Bottom up: Underground wireless radio link and wake up at 125KHz
  • [ND] Horoscopes for Factories: Sensitivity Analysis of Predicting Wireless Channel in an Indoor Factory Floor 

Selected assignments

[S = Sensing,   N = Networking,   D = Data Analytics and Machine Learning] 

Finished assignments