Jesper Lansink Rotgerink

PhD student

Lansink Rotgerink, M.Sc., D.H.G.J. (Jesper) 
Electrical Engineering
Building Carré, room C2.538
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

e-mail: j.h.g.j.lansinkrotgerink(remove)
Phone: +31 53 489 1268
Phone secretary: +31 53 489 3856


Jesper Lansink Rotgerink was born in Hengelo, the Netherlands, in 1989. After both a Bachelor and Master in Applied Mathematics he graduated from the University of Twente in January 2013. His Master's graduation thesis was about the mathematical modelling of Alzheimer's disease.

Since his graduation, he has been working at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre in Marknesse, the Netherlands, in a team called Electromagnetic Technology and Antennas. One of his main fields of interest is the EMC of aircraft and spacecraft, specifically crosstalk between cables. In 2017 he started a PhD in this topic Modelling of Crosstalk in Aerospace Environments at the University of Twente. Apart from EMC, his fields of interests also include the propagation of EM waves through radomes and its effect on antenna performance, radar absorbing materials and antennas for aerospace.


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