farrukh jamshed

ph.d student

Jamshed, F. (Farrukh), MS.c.
Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands


Farrukh Jamshed was born in Rawalpindi, one of the famous city of Pakistan.

He completed my bachelor in Electronics Engineering from UET Peshawar, Pakistan, in August 2015, which give me a comprehensive exposure to the fundamental areas of Electronics Engineering. He worked on different software and hardware projects and gained vast knowledge to use microcontrollers and software like MATLAB, PSpice, Proteus, Altium Designer, and Eagle, etc.

After completing his bachelor’s study he worked for almost three years in the renewable energy industry and got the opportunity to develop his leadership skills to lead the team in many projects. He has installed and troubleshoot Inverters of SMA, Schneider, EAST, Infini, Goodwe, Outback, Huawei, and also micro-inverters of Enphase. He worked with the design team too, to design off-grid, hybrid, grid-connected systems ranging from few KW to several MW.

Working on different Inverters made his interest to further explore the designing of Inverters. He has completed his masters from Southeast University, China, in July 2020, during which he has worked on the designing of different power converters.

During his Ph.D. from WinS and University of Twente, he will work on a team project Packaging & Integration of Power Electronics, a project to develop a new heterogeneous fabrication process, suitable for power electronics, and to build compelling demonstrator prototype where my main role will be to design, optimize and implement the dc/dc power supply with galvanic isolation.