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Presentation of an Impossible 3-D Framework

Necker’s cube, published in 1832, combined with Escher’s interpretation as used in his drawing 'Belvédère‘ of 1958, results in an intricate cube frame by enlarging the ribs. Changing this cube to a similarly looking framework provided an opportunity to fabricate an impossible structure in 3-D. But can it mathematically be realised for production suitable for public viewing without revealing the precise details? The picture shows a structurally-non-photo-shopped image (minor retouches excluded) of the Impossible 3-D Framework on display at the NMC 2011 that is complemented by a PowerPoint presentation.

F.C.M. Op den Kamp graduated as Architect at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Now retired, the professional career has concentrated on airports in various parts of the world as an Airport Architect with NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and others. Autodidact and professionally related artistry resulted in a number of exhibitions showing drawings, watercolours and later on, 3-D collages depicting computer terminology and other subjects. Realisation of the Impossible 3-D Framework is a direct result of architectural working-model activity and interest.

Impossible 3-D framework