Student Perspective

The student perspective day is an opportunity to get answers to any burning questions you have about how students experience education. 

Student representatives from a variety of student organizations including the University Council, the Student Union, the University Innovation Fellows, as well as the Honours Programme will provide you with their insights into the dynamic student experience. On this day, you will hear from a representative from the URaad about how grading has progressed through the ages, and how this has affected student wellbeing. Furthermore, student representatives from the Honours program, the student union, and the University Innovation Fellows will talk about their vision of education in the future, as well as what teaching practices they expect might become old school. The last portion of the day will be devoted to hearing from teaching assistants. EEMCS hires the largest number of teaching assistants university wide, and on the 2nd of June, these teaching assistants will talk about what aspects of their training could be improved, and what it will mean to be a teaching assistant in the future.

All sessions of this day will be held in The Gallery (Inspire or Learn-X), except for the workshop Lightboard, which is is held in the Spiegel.






Student-teacher debate

Vadim Zaytsev
Imke Verschuren
Alma Schaafstal (moderator)


Lunch; DesignLab, The Gallery



Round-tabel discussion: UIF, honours, SU, Atlas

Fatima Gonzalez-Novolopez
Tom Lamaker
Marit Breimer
Alma Schaafstal (moderator)



Teaching assistants training: Looking back, and moving forward
Training CELT

Anouk Beursgens

Marleen de Haan





Workshops Lightboard

Koen Hak

Please, let us know in which sessions you are participating and put them in your agenda, so you are sure not to miss them!

Thursday 2 june

  • 11:00 - 12:30: Discussion: student-teacher debate

    Date: Thursday 2 June
    Time: 11:00 - 12:30
    Location: The Gallery; Inspire or Learn-X

    Title: Discussion: student-teacher debate
    Speakers: Vadim Zaytsev & Imke Verschuren
    Moderator: Alma Schaafstal

    This part of the student perspective day will trace the history of grading and assessment, as well as its current challenges. This will build up into a conversation with Vadim Zaytsev (Associate Professor of software evolution) and Imke Verschuren (student Creative Technology) about which inclusive, and equitable assessment practices could be adopted in the future, such that student wellbeing is safe guarded.

  • 13:30 - 14:30: Panel discussion: UIF, honours, SU, Atlas

    Date: Thursday 2 June
    Time: 13:30 - 14:30
    Location: The Gallery; Inspire or Learn-X

    Title: Panel discussion: UIF, honours, SU, Atlas
    Speaker: Fatima Gonzalez-Novolopez, Tom Lamaker & Marit Breimer
    Moderator: Alma Schaafstal

    In the panel discussion, students will give their perspective on what university education might look like in the future. Sign up to experience a spirited discussion on topics ranging from the viability of campus education to future-proof teaching practices. 

  • 14:30 - 16:00: Teaching assistants training: Looking back, and moving forward (Anouk Beursgens) + Training CELT (Marleen de Haan)

    Date: Thursday 2 June
    Time: 14:30 - 16:00
    Location: The Gallery; Inspire or Learn-X

    Title: Teaching assistants training: Looking back, and moving forward
    Speaker: Anouk Beursgens

    You see them walking around at almost all tutorials: Teaching Assistants. Students who already passed the course (with high grades) and who are there to help the students in the room to pass the course as well. Due to these TAs, it is hopefully doable to answer all the questions during the tutorial. But how does a student actually become a TA? Could this training be improved, or extended, in the future? And how to adapt the concept of TAs to online education?

    I have been an active TA for three years now and during this session I will tell about my experience as and view on being a TA with special attention to the questions above. There will also be room to ask questions or share the lecturers' view on TAs.

  • 16:30 - 17:30: Workshops Lightboard

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