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Design education of the future

Are you interested in an active workshop in which you design the education of the future in a team?

Innovation in education was there, is here and will be there in the future. Guru’s, self-proclaimed experts, real experts and experienced teachers and students have opinions and ideas about the ideal learning and teaching environment. Do you have ideas that can change the educational landscape? Are you open to new perspectives?  Think for example about the role of technology, inclusion, internationalization, sustainability, etcetera

Do you want to steer and influence this future to improve education at the University of Twente? In this workshop, you will work on real themes in education in a multidisciplinary team guided by professional coaches.

In three phases you will explore the broad context of a theme and how it relates to your personal experience and background. In a multidisciplinary team, you will dive into the details in the second phase. Finding answers to pressing questions.  In de last phase multiple ideas will be formulated and described. One idea is presented to a wider audience, where also valuable feedback is collected. 

All solutions are bundled and shared with relevant stakeholders in the end. Hopefully creating an impact.

·       Experience working on real open-ended (wicked) educational problems
·       Present and inspire with creative solutions

Location: The Gallery; Inspire or Learn-X

Be aware: there is limited space available for this workshop. Sign up to avoid disappointment, and be sure to put it in your agenda as to not to miss it! 

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