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Month of Education


From mid-May to mid-June 2022, we invite you to attend the Month of Education (MoE), organised this year with as theme "The Future of Education". This will be the second such event: after its initiation by Science & Technology last year, the torch has been passed on to the faculty of EEMCS, with the help of the Shaping Expert Group on educational innovation.

With the MoE we mean to address the entire UT teaching community. We want to attract participants and, indeed, contributions, from teachers, educational support staff and programme management, and also include the student perspective.

The MoE will consist of seven days filled with presentations, panel discussions, workshops and seminars around the theme. All sessions will be held in The Gallery (Inspire or Learn-X), except the workshops Lightboard and H5P & micro lecture workshop. These are held in the Spiegel.


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The exact programme will follow; for now, please tentatively block the following dates in your agenda:
• 17 May: Digitalisation
• 19 May: Lifelong Learning
• 24 May: Challenge-Based Learning
• 31 May: Recognition & Rewards
• 2 June: Student Perspective
• 7 June: Stakeholder Perspective
• 9 June: Design the future