ING Honours Symposium

Project Members

Justin Praas

"It was a great and fun experience for me to work for the ING Honours project. Work hours are very flexible and working from home was great."

René Boschma

"It is easy to make a software system, it is hard to make a good software system, it is near impossible to make a softwaresystem that is both scalable and efficient, while also having an adaptable, consistent and easy to extend code base."

Tristan de Boer 

"This project has given me a chance to get a look behind the scenes in the world of banking, which is more about computers as you might think. During the project, I have learned new Java techniques and gained new knowledge about different libraries that rely on Java."

Kevin Witlox

"This programme was a great opportunity to further my programming skills and thus I took advantage of the project to learn the Spring framework. This did not only help me in creating an agile code base, it also gives me a larger toolset for future projects. I had a fun and educative time and hope the results will prove to be useful."

Jeffrey Bakker 

Noël Keijzer

"I found the ING Honours programme a very fun and challenging project which has provided me with a lot of insight into building and maintaining software systems. "

Saul van der Vies

"The project was a great opportunity to get some experience with designing bigger projects, and dealing with maintenance and unforseen changes."

Andrei Cojocaru

Gereon Mender

Sven Konings

Fritz Hast

Joël van der Kaaij