Innovative Mass Storage Technologies

The IMST (Innovative Mass Storage Technologies) workshops began in 2001 and  provide a unique forum in Europe to gather specialists from all areas of mass storage technologies and emerging nonvolatile solid state memories. A strong interaction of industrial and academic specialists is encouraged in the IMST workshops, providing ample opportunities to people with different backgrounds to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the field. A key feature of IMST is the industrial review that opens every conference (past speakers include Sony, Samsung, Thomson, Infineon, Philips, Motorola, Seagate, Nanomagnetics, TuiOptics, Plasmon, STMicroelectronics, IBM …), where leading researchers in the data storage give a worldwide view on the latest developments and the hottest topics.

The IMST Committee has also played a major role in bringing to the attention of the EU Framework Programme officers in Brussels the importance of data storage research within Europe.  This has recently generated the IMST White Book, which aims to put forward a European view on the future of data storage.  This White Book is downloadable in PDF format by a link from this page.

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