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Towards polycrystalline GaN/AlGaN devices in silicon

Sourish Banerjee & Gaurav Gupta

Mono-crystalline gallium-nitride (GaN) is currently a hot topic as a semiconductor compound material for both power transistors and light-emitting diodes. In this STW-funded project, we investigate the properties of the related polycrystalline GaN and aluminum-gallium-nitride (AlGaN) materials for applications in semiconductor devices. Polycrystalline materials are easier and cheaper to make, but so far very little has been reported about polycrystalline GaN and AlGaN in the literature. The polycrystalline nature of the layers requires a different device architecture than commonly used in mono-crystalline GaN devices. In this project, we investigate deposition aspects of GaN and AlGaN films, perform extended physical, electrical and optical characterization of these layers, and carry out device modeling to explore novel concepts of power and light emitting devices. The research is in strong collaboration with Philips Research, ASMI, and NXP Research.