Evaluation requests

About Quality Assurance EEMCS

Our Mission

The quality of the Bachelor and Master programs in the faculty EEMCS are constantly evaluated and improved. At the end of each module, a fixed questionnaire called the SEQ  (Student Experience Questionnaire) is sent to students. The Master’s program also has a fixed questionnaire, which is send to students at the end of each semester. If a teacher would like more specific feedback on his or her subject, they can collect more data through tools such as questionnaires and panel meetings.

Our task is it to answer any questions (FAQ) you might have and collect all evaluation requests and forward them to the applicable institute. The goal is to make the task of requesting an evaluation as easy and quick as possible. 

Evaluation process

As a teacher, you want to request an evaluation as easy as possible. To that extent, this website aims to make the process of requesting evaluations as friendly as possible. We believe that transparency of the process helps in this regard. In the figure below, the process is illustrated. We aimed to create this website in such way that it is easy to understand what kind of survey is needed for the evaluation of your course. Evaluations can either be a panel meeting or an online questionnaire for which we invite the students attending your course. Within our faculty, there are a few evaluation teams such as the OEC, the CREEC and us (QAE). In short, the OEC is responsible for the panel meetings of the bachelor programs of Computer Science and Business & IT. The CREEC is responsible for the panel meetings of the bachelor program of Creative Technology. We are responsible for the questionnaires for all the bachelor programs of EEMCS and also for the questionnaires and panel meetings of the master courses of EEMCS. After the evaluation has taken place, we inform you (the teacher), the students of the evaluated course and the educational coordinator of the results of the evaluation. 

Our team

We, as the Quality Assurance EEMCS (QAE), help teachers to evaluate their courses. Together with our supervisor Cynthia Souren, we seek to improve the quality of the education given within our faculty. We seek to service Master courses via questionnaires and panel meetings and the Bachelor modules via questionnaires upon the request of the teachers. These evaluations serve to evaluate the education as well as pointing out how to improve our education. Therefore, our mission is to service the educational needs of the students as well as providing needed feedback to our teaching staff. The Quality Assurance EEMCS consists of three students who will do their utmost best to be of service.


Coordinator quality assurance
Cynthia Souren

Student assistants

Thomas Raaijen
Student assistant

My name is Thomas, a second year Business Information Technology Masterstudent. I joined the QAE in July 2016, because I want to help improve the quality of the education of our university. Besides that I am a member of the QAE, I have also been involved in the past years in a committee concerning education for the study association of Inter-Actief.

Maaike Dokter
Student assistant

My name is Maaike and I joined QAE in September 2015. I have recently finished my bachelor in Creative Technology and will start my masters in Human Computer Interaction Design (The HCID track of the EIT Digital Master School) in September 2017. My goal at QAE is to provide communication tools for students and teachers to improve the quality of education from which we can all benefit. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Below are described the three institutes within EEMCS which are responsible for evaluations in Bachelor and Master programs of the faculty of EEMCS.