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Welcome to Quality Assurance EEMCS (QAE)

This website has been created to support you as a teacher through the process of evaluating their courses in the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS). To achieve high quality education, it is important to evaluate the courses and modules through questionnaires and panel meetings. We, the student assistants of QAE, can arrange these types of evaluations for you.

This website will further elaborate on our role within the evaluation process. Moreover, evaluations can be requested through this website and guidelines on how to do this are included (see below). Furthermore, the different organizations are introduced and explained: questionnaires and Master panel meetings are arranged by QAE, whereas Bachelor panel meetings are organized by separate evaluation committees for every study program (Organizations). If you have any questions (FAQ) or if we can be of service in any other way, please contact us.

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Quality Assurance EEMCS is responsible for the questionnaires for all Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and the panel meetings in the Master. Panel meetings for the Bachelor’s programs are organized by the OEC (BIT, TCS) and the CREEC (CreaTe).

Step 1: Select Courses for Evaluation

Think about which courses you would like to evaluate. For Bachelor studies, it is usual to evaluate a module and have specific questions per module component. Master studies usually evaluate separate courses.

Step 2: Determine Goal of Evaluation

Think about why you want to evaluate a module (component) or course. Is the subject new or were there problems in a specific area? This can help in the creation of a structured and to the point questionnaire.

Step 3: Decide on Tool for Evaluation

You can decide to set out a questionnaire or request a panel meeting. A questionnaire can be useful when you want to gain a general experience of a large group. A panel meeting can be useful when you want to ask very specific questions which can be answered by a smaller group of students. Panel meetings for Bachelor studies are organized by different organizations. However, you can submit a request through this website and we will forward it to the corresponding organization (RequestEvaluation).

Step 4: Orientate Standard Questionnaire

Please take a look at the standard questionnaire students receive after every module (BachelorSEQ) or semester (MasterSEQ) to avoid a repetition of questions and to see examples of questionnaire questions.

Additionally, you can also take a look at the questions which are already in our question-library (Bachelor, Master). Those questions are often used as standard questions in the surveys.

Step 5: Request Evaluation

You can request an evaluation through this website (RequestEvaluation). Please make sure you know which type of questions you want to ask and that you have all the information of the module or course ready. This information includes course code, course name, amount of students, when you want the evaluation to take place, components you wish to evaluate and the parts you would like to evaluate (e.g. Blackboard, study load, lectures, tutorials, etc.).

Step 6: Receive Confirmation

After we have received your request, you will get a confirmation e-mail. In case of a panel meeting, we will ask some additional information and keep you updated on the progress of organizing the meeting. In case of a questionnaire, we will make a concept version which you will receive for confirmation. If applicable, final changes will be made, after which the questionnaire will be send to students.

Step 7: Receive Results

After the evaluation has taken place, the results will be send to you. During a panel meeting, minutes will be made which will provide a summary of the discussed points. After a questionnaire, the data is forwarded.