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Tutorials and Technology showcase

The tutorials have been cancelled.

Technology showcase:
Model-driven development of complex software systems: breakthroughs and lessons learned

23 June 2009, 13:00 to 16:00 CET

Model-driven engineering (MDE) is an approach that is gaining acceptance in several software domains with proven benefits such as cost reduction and quality improvement. However, applicability to complex systems engineering still remains a challenge despite the fact that complex systems have an even greater need for model-based approaches. Models can indeed provide the necessary abstractions that enable human comprehension, communication, simulation and analysis, and synthesis of implementation artefacts which is essential for developing complex systems.

The MODELPLEX Technology Showcase aims at presenting the latest advances in tools and technologies developed for providing model-driven solutions applied in developing industrial complex software systems. Among these tools and technologies are solutions for traceability between artefacts, model composition and weaving, simulation and testing, extracting models from legacy systems and analyzing them, and model-based system management. We will highlight the benefits and advantages of using a model-driven engineering approach based on the above tools and technologies in four complex industrial cases participating in the MODELPLEX project. We will also discuss challenges and ideas for future work.

This showcase would be of interest to both industrial participants of ECMDA and researchers. Industrial participants will learn about new technologies and listen to the experience of those using it, which should support them in adopting the model-driven approach. Watching live demonstrations and having access to technology providers who can answer their questions face to face is the best way to raise interest in MDE technologies. For researchers, it is always important to learn about the state of the art and research challenges.


  1. Introduction (Parastoo Mohagheghi, Sebastien Praud) and a short presentation of industrial cases which will be used to demonstrate the tools
  2. Model engineering tools:
    1. Model transformation and weaving with ATL-AMW (Hugo Brunelière, INRIA)
    2. Model composition with Reuseware (Jendrik Johannes, Technical University of Dresden)
    3. Model engineering with Epsilon framework (Dimitrios Kolovos, University of York)
    4. Traceability support and trace analysis tool (Gøran Olsen, SINTEF)
    5. Reverse engineering with MoDisco (Gabriel Barbier, MIA-Software)
  3. MODELPLEX Model Repository (Maria-Agustina Cibran, Thales and Michael Wagner, FHG)
  4. Simulation and testing tools: Model-Driven Performance Engineering (Jendrik Johannes, Technical University of Dresden)
  5. Runtime usage of models (Stéphane Menoret, Thales)


Parastoo Mohagheghi, SINTEF, Norway

Sébastien Praud, Thales, France