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Call for Sponsors

There are four levels of sponsorship open to organizations that wish to support the ECMDA, and/or participate in the Tools Track as commercial tool vendors. Organizations may apply for Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship levels. Please follow the link below to get information about the various sponsorship levels. Alternatively, you can download the sponsorship package as a single file.

The following companies and organizations generously decided to support us financially.


IBM - As world´s largest and most innovative ICT company, IBM offers solutions to organizations to realize innovation, growth and efficiency.

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM is a global force in providing advanced information technologies. 

IBM provides clients with an unequalled depth and breadth of technology, expertise and experience — and helps combine them to produce real results. We have always been an enterprise-focused innovation company. Through decades, IBMers have explored the frontiers of the possible — and have brought those discoveries to profitable and beneficial life in business, government, education and society at large.
Drawing on resources from across IBM and key Business Partners, IBM offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable customers to innovate.


Blu Age®, MDA compliant and Built-On Eclipse IDE, automates J2EE and/or .Net software developments and enables industrial use of Agile Development Methods. Blu Age® integrated with Rational® Software Delivery Platform, transforms Business requirements (PIM) designed with UML2 diagrams and XHTML mock-ups into SOA Applications.

Blu Age® enables Agile Legacy modernization in providing PIM extraction functions from OO and non-OO applications. Blu Age® provides application debugging features for easy model corrections avoiding round trip issues.


Novulo’s groundbreaking new technology bridges the gap between code and concept, allowing for unprecedented flexibility and customization throughout the programming process. Novulo uses model driven development in a way that makes it possible to visually create and maintain .NET applications.

Novulo’s unique Model Driven Development process (MDD) allows both IT professionals and business users to communicate, model the application together, and ultimately align results.

Anyone who has ever worked on a software project knows that new ideas spring up all the time. Unfortunately, changing software design in the middle of a project leads to time-consuming edits and modifications on the part of the programmer. The Novulo Architect avoids the programming pitfalls by allowing users to quickly and easily modify the model instead of having to delve into the complexities of the actual programming code. This leads to an amazing cost reduction and less time to launch new software application projects.


Sapiens is a leading provider of innovative EMDM technology that is widely recognized for its ability to cost effectively align IT with business demands for Agility, flexibility and reduce risks.

Established in 1982 Sapiens is a pioneer in a EMDM (Enterprise Model Driven Middleware) together with a rule-based core development suite, which enables rapid solution development for complex mission-critical enterprises. with a customer base that spans the USA, EMEA, and Japan, Sapiens empowers mission-critical systems for many Global 1000 companies such as AXA, AVIVA, Mazda, ING, IHG, Liverpool Victoria, Assurant, Principal Financial Group, Lloyds TSB, Prudential and many others.

The company's eMerge environment demonstrates the productivity benefits delivered when a modern Model-Driven Development (MDD) tool is coupled with an event-driven Business Rule Engine (BRE) and with a Rich Internet Application (RIA) engine all running on an enterprise class middleware as KnowledgeBase™.  The product is commonly used in conjunction with agile software development methodologies. Resulting applications are automatically capable of Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) by means of the product’s high scalability which is achieved through clustering and load balancing.  Many of the product's customers regularly handle thousands of concurrent users, millions of transactions and billions of rules per day, thus entrusting their mission-critical bet-the-business applications to the product.


IBM Research

No matter where discovery takes place, IBM Researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Our global network of scientists work on a range of applied and exploratory research projects to help clients, governments and universities apply scientific breakthroughs to solve real-world business and societal challenges.


Modelio: Globalizing MDA

Modelio is a modeling tool addressing both Business and IT, that supports IS to business alignment. The MDA technology has been too much focused on software aspects, mainly on code generation or technical architecture aspects. MDA must be much more used to support methodologies and sustain modeling on the entire enterprise scope. This paper presents how, by integrating in a single repository the entire enterprise scope modeling coverage, by providing strong MDA capacities and by allowing an efficient and flexible distributed team cooperation, Modelio allows a global MDA approach, empowering thus MDA to the enterprise wide application.


pure-systems GmbH is the leading provider of software product line and variant management solutions. The company, based in Magdeburg, Germany, was founded in 2001, and provides both software products and services.

The core product, pure::variants, provides organisations with a tool to manage complex and variant-rich software systems and products. It enables effective and controlled reuse of core assets and provides variant management at all stages of the software lifecycle, from requirements management, architecture modelling and design, coding, testing and bug tracking.

pure::variants efficiently solves the problem of managing features and variations for model-based software development by enabling reuse and tailoring of variant-rich models. pure::variants provides support for UML, SysML, EMF and Simulink with integrations currently available for MATLAB Simulink, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, IBM Telelogic Rhapsody (experimental) and openArchitectureWare (oAW).

pure-systems customers include Audi, Bosch, Continental Automotive, Daimler, Danfoss, DENSO, Hitachi, Honeywell, NXP, Samsung and Siemens.


EU FP7 SHAPE (Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous Service Architecture and Platforms Engineering)

The SHAPE project aims to support the development and realization of enterprise systems based on a Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous service Architecture (SHA). SHA extends Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with semantics and heterogeneous infrastructures (Web services, Agents, Semantic Web Services, P2P and Grid) under a unified service oriented approach. To achieve this the consortium of the SHAPE project will develop a Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) tool-supported methodology and will take an active role in the standardization of metamodels and languages for SHA.