Bachelor Assignments

Kiosk for 3D image acquisition of suspects

Bachelor Assignment Data SCIENCE (DS) / CreaTe

Kiosk for 3D image acquisition of suspects

April 13, 2018


The Dutch police is interested in exploring the possibilities of taking 3D facial scans of suspects. These scans can be used for case work and to improve 2D face recognition. Examples of such scans and of an in house camera system are shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: From left to right: 5 camera setup front and back, 3d face surface and range image


The assignment is to explore the feasibility of a kiosk for 3D imaging for police purposes. In the design of such a a kiosk usability is crucial. This assignment involves the design of the kiosk, including the selection of the 3D imaging system, and the evaluation of the design in terms of usability and image quality under various conditions of use, to be dened together with the police. The assignment is for a team consisting of an EE and a CreaTe student.

Information L.J. Spreeuwers (Luuk)
Assistant Professor R.N.J. Veldhuis (Raymond)
Full Professor