Finished projects

BRICKS: Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society

Databases for personalized ubiquitous intelligent devices

Global description:

The playground for Ambient Intelligence is a physical area with many autonomous digital devices, which are sensitive, adaptive, and responsive to the presence of people. Within a home setting it is geared at improving the quality of life by creating a desired atmosphere and functionality via intelligent, personalized inter-connected systems which blend with the physical background. The people are not aware of their existence.

In a health-care setting it is concerned with the many devices surrounding a patient or even devices implanted to keep you moving for many years with a minor body defect. Likewise, the ambient setting can be created for the car-industry to improve both security and to handle your job duties during the unproductive hours in traffic jams.

Progress in the area of Ambient Intelligence calls for large investments in many areas of computer science, e.g. embedded sensor systems, (radio) networks with low energy consumption, small footprint component-based software development, effective learning algorithms, etc. but also data management. An ambient environment contains many (small/large) data sources, which are accessed by highly distributed applications.

The charter of this project is to avoid re-invention of the wheel by timely provision of the necessary technology, algorithms, and software components.

The grand-challenge is:

Develop an “Organic” DBMS which can be embedded in a wide collection of hardware appliances and provide an autonomous, self-descriptive, self-organizing, self-repairing, self-aware, secure and stable data management functionality to its environment.

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