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How expensive are your browsing habits? A DNS-based study


Rafael da Silva


4 June 2015




Zi 2126

Title: How expensive are your browsing habits? A DNS-based study.


Daily accessed websites by ordinary Internet users can be categorized into many types, such as news, institutional and social networking. For loading any website, your machine needs to know where to look for the content, and to find it out the DNS protocol is used. We sometimes expect that loading a webpage requires a single or very few DNS lookups. However, our research findings show the opposite. Depending on the type of the website, and the variety of sources from where the content is gathered, the number of DNS lookups can be surprisingly bigger. How many DNS lookups do you think are needed to load the websites you visit every day? To find it out, do not miss this colloquium! We are going to show the methodology we have used to measure DNS traffic on loading websites, as well as results of the analysis of these data.