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Extending DNS to Support Geocasting Towards VANETs


Tiago Fioreze


29 April 2011






The delivery of IP packets to a set of elements lying within a designated geographical area, also known as geocasting, is an important aspect in vehicular networks. Geocast messages can be used, for instance, to warn drivers about road conditions (e.g., weather hazards) and therefore prevent accidents. In order for geocasting to work in the context of Internet-based communications, IP addresses must be associated with geographical coordinates, either temporary (vehicles in transit on a road) or permanently (roadside units along the road). However, finding IP nodes within specified geographical areas is still an open issue, even though several proposals have been made. Within this context, the goal of this presentation is to show a new proposal in the scope of VANETs. Our novel proposal consists in providing means for back offices on the Internet to send IPv6 packets through roadside units to multiple vehicles within a designated area. In this colloquium, I will present details on how DNS capabilities have been extended in order to support geocast. After the presentation, a demo will be showed.