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Quality of Service in IP networks


Ms. Rossitza Goleva


20 July 2009


04:00:00 PM




This talk outlines the emerging and the future of Quality of Service in IP networks. It discusses the end-to-end technology/service evolution in an increasingly broadband, converged and seamless environment. It focuses on services, simulation models, network approximations, traffic marking, policing, shaping and scheduling, recourse reservation problems, applicability of the well known techniques like IntServ, DiffServ, RSVP, NSIS in end-to-end Quality of Service negotiation and renegotiation.

The technology evolution is outlined in many layers but mostly on IP. IPv4 and IPv6 change partially the way of QoS management. User-centric and ubiquitous services and access are not usually considered in the literature. Dynamic user requirements are not satisfied.

In this context, the end-to-end areas of research & global dynamics are outlined to inspire our collective focus and energy, and to serve the increasingly mobile users, machines, and virtual societies of the future.


Ms. Rossitza Goleva

Assistant Professor

Department of Communication Networks

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Rossitza has been involved in many IP projects and is with the Department of Communication Network for more than 20 years. She did her education at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria and has published many research papers with continued regular contributions in packet switching technologies like ATM and IP. She has taught and prepared more that 15 different teaching courses. Last 10 years Rossy is with IEEE on the positions of treasurer, vice chair and chair of Section Bulgaria. She is member of the Wireless Certification program of the IEEE Communications Society.

In her professional career, Rossitza implements technology strategy in the networks of different operators in Bulgaria and is teaching students and professionals how to optimize and maintain.