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Towards an Over-the-horizon Awareness to Driver Support Systems in Highway Real-World Scenarios


Ramon S. Schwartz


10th June 2009






The recent work described in [1] by Martijn van Eenennaam introduces an efficient means to provide an over-the-horizon awareness of traffic jams ahead on the road to vehicles by means of multi-hop vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The solution described aims at meeting all information requirements derived from the Congestion Assistant presented in [2]. Nevertheless, such work considers a simplified assumption of a one-dimensional straight highway. The focus of this research is on extending and adapting the latter solution for more realistic scenarios found in highways, for instance, considering junctions, multiple lanes on the road, and vehicles moving in different directions. The work performed in [1] will therefore serve as the basic starting point.

[1] E.M. van Eenennaam. Providing Over-the-horizon Awareness to Driver Support Systems by means of multi-hop ad hoc Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication. M.Sc. thesis, University of Twente, December 2008.

[2] C.J.G. van Driel. Driver Support in Congestion - An assessment of user needs and impacts on driver and traffic flow. PhD thesis, University of Twente, Nov 2007.