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How to get your paper accepted


Aiko Pras


18th Oct. 2007






Tutorials at conferences traditionally discuss the state of the art in some technical area. The goal of most conferences is to provide knowledge, which hopefully turns out to be useful in the subsequent research of the tutorial attendees. The goal of this tutorial is completely different, however, in the sense that it will not focus on any technical area, but instead wants to help Ph.D. students writing research papers. Although white-papers on this topic can be found on the Internet, many of these papers provide only general guidelines and lack the detailed information important for Ph.D. students in the area of network and service management. As every experienced reviewer in our area knows, many papers are poorly written and many Ph.D. students do not seem to know how good papers should look like. The aim of this tutorial is to improve this situation. In this tutorial we will discuss how to structure a paper, how to present your contribution in a way understandable to the average reader and how to avoid common pitfalls. In addition, we will identify the various conferences, journals and magazines in the area of network and service management and discuss what would be the best place to publish, based on the quality and acceptance rate at these conferences. An important part of the tutorial is to explain details of the review process, and to discuss how to write rebuttals. To make the tutorial more instructive, many examples of real mistakes will be shown. The target audience for this tutorial are PhD students in their first years. Many of these students feel a clear pressure to publish, but lack sufficient feed-back to become successful authors. The tutorial will also be interesting for more experienced writers, however.