Centre for Interface Research (CIR)

The Center for Interface Research (CIR) is a collaborative Dutch research program of scientists from the three Universities of Technology at Delft, Eindhoven and Twente.

Research is focused on the development of new experimental methods and simulation strategies for the study of fluid-mechanical problems in which transport across interfaces plays a key role. This brings together a wide variety of problems, ranging from the transfer of momentum in the generation of turbulence in boundary layers over solid surfaces, to heat, mass and species transfer across dynamic interfaces between different phases

Applications that involve dynamics across and along interfaces are multitude:

  • novel energy concepts
  • boiling in food processing
  • generation of controlled aerosols in biomass processing
  • slow tissue degradation in the formation of aneurysms in the brain or on the aorta
  • separation by means of phase transition
  • deposition problems in the production of nano-structures to optimize catalytic activity of smart surfaces

CIR aims to strengthen interface research in all its aspects by fostering a platform for collaboration, exchange of expertise, training of PhD students and formulation of joint research programs, connecting to applied research and development in industrial laboratories.