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NEURoVERS-it . Neuro-Cognitive Science and Information Technology Virtual University


Neurovers-IT is a Marie Curie "Research Training Network", funded by the European Union's 6th Framework Program. The theme of the project is the potential of " in vitro neuronal networks" as a novel class of "computational device". Such devices, we believe, could provide capabilities that are difficult or impossible to implement in current silicon technology. For example, they could learn, they could adapt to the environment they inhabit, they could repair themselves. In some ways, at least they would be similar to the complex networks of neurons we find in human and animal brains.
Harnessing the computational power of living neurons will require contributions from many different disciplines. To culture the neurons, to encode and decode neural signals, to exploit their learning capabilities we need techniques and theoretical knowledge from neuroscience; to deliver stimuli to neurons and measure neuronal signals we need microelectronics; to turn lab experiments into devices with real-world applications, we need computer science, and robotics. The project brings together a European network of academic and private sector partners from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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The UT-part of this EU program comprises(d) the work of

-dr Irina Stoyanova: Neurochemical control of bursting in cultured neuronal networks of dissociated cortical rat cells. With special focus on the role of new neurotransmitters Orexin and Ghrelin

-ir Taras Gritsun: Large scale neurocomputational modeling and simulation of neuronal spiking and bursting in cutured neuronal networks.

Research themes

From Cellular Mechanisms to Neural Circuit Behaviour

Principal Investigator tracks

Wim L.C. Rutten - Neurotechnology and Cellular Engineering


EU Marie Curie Research Training Network

People involved

Wim Rutten

Taras Gritsun

Irina Stoyanova

Joost le Feber

Remy Wiertz

Marcel Weusthof

Karin Groot Jebbink

Betty Klomphaar





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