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NeuroSIPE: Painsight - Closed loop identification of the nociceptive system

Parameter Identification of the Nociceptive System for Improved monitoring of chronic pain development

The PaINSIGHT project, which is funded by the STW Perspective Programme NeuroSIPE, is a collaboration between the BSS and AAMP groups of the University of Twente and the University Medical Centre St. Radboud. The project focuses on parameter identification of the nociceptive system for improved monitoring of chronic pain development.


Noxious stimuli are processed in several stages from peripheral input to the brain. This ascending system is controlled by descending connections from the brain. As a response to injury or disease, maladaptive changes in both ascending and descending pathways may result in chronic pain states. Observation of the specific malfunctioning of either of these systems is limited at present, but would permit a better understanding and early selection of targeted interventions preventing the development of chronic pain.



From a mathematical point of view, the nociceptive system can be regarded as a closed loop of a fast forward system regulated by a slow feedback system. We will develop psychophysical testing methods with controlled electrical stimulation together with mathematical closed loop identification methods to gain insight in the dynamic properties of the nociceptive system.

Research themes

From Neural Circuit Behaviour to Human Sensory-Motor Function

Principal Investigator tracks

Jan R. Buitenweg: Nociceptive and Somatosensory Processing


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People involved

Dr. ir. Jan R. Buitenweg

Dr. Hil G.E. Meijer (AAMP)

Robert-Jan Doll

Huan Yang (AAMP)

Victor Sluiter


2010 - 2014


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