NociTRACK: Point of care Pain management through hyperalgesia monitoring


Chronic pain often is the result of disturbed processes in the central nervous system. Once chronic pain is established, treatment is relatively ineffective, with – at best – one patient in three or four achieving 50% pain intensity reduction.

Early detection and therapeutic action means better treatment outcome and less clinical efforts per patient. Increased and spreading pain sensitivity (generalized hyperalgesia) is widely recognized as a key indicator for chronic pain development, but is not routinely monitored in most hospitals. The NociTRACK system has unique features for large scale hyperalgesia testing in bed-side or daily life situations and supports identification and treatment of patients with developing or established chronic pain.


Project description

This project includes four next steps important for successful application and availability of the NociTRACK system for improved pain management and prevention of chronic pain after surgery:

1. Generation of clinical proof of concept. At the UMC st. Radboud a prospective study will be performed in which NociTRACK detected hyperalgesia after surgery is treated with acute and long term pain as the primary outcome.

2. Translation to clinical practice. The NociTRACK system will be implemented at the ZGT-MST post operative care unit.

3. Realisation of transmural application. The present NociTRACK system will be adapted for extramural measurements by providing suitable userinterfaces for safe and reliable self-measurement by patients during daily life.

4. Business development. The clinical benefits of the NociTRACK system will be translated to a viable business model and a business proposal.

Research themes

From Human Sensory-Motor Function to Patient-Practioner Interaction

Principal Investigator tracks

Jan R. Buitenweg: Nociceptive and Somatosensory Processing

Bert-Jan van Beijnum: Remote Monitoring and Treatment


Provincie Overijssel

People involved

Frodo Muijzer

Jonathan Dikken


ZGT Hengelo

UMC st. Radboud




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Project website

MIRA High Tech Health Farm