FOVEA: Food Valley Eating Administrator/adviser

The FOVEA project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Gelderland Province, is a collaboration between the BSS/RMT group of the University of Twente, Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, Noldus Information Technology BV, Sodexo and Kampri-Group. The project focuses on a health and wellbeing application of ICT to support consumers in their daily eating and exercise decisions by means of, amongst others, physiological and behavioural monitoring and feedback.


Unhealthy diet combined with low levels of physical activity are threatening to become the most important cause of ill-health and premature death. Public information campaigns about the serious health consequences of unhealthy eating and drinking have had little or no effect in changing behaviour. Fovea will conduct interactive research in a real life setting into food selection behaviour, eating and drinking habits and the development of new product concepts.

The test-bed is the Restaurant of the Future, a real company restaurant in Wageningen, The Netherlands, which is equipped with advanced ICT technology designed to inform consumers about the properties of the eating and drinking choices they are making, and giving them personalised advice to encourage and empower them to meet their health targets. BSS/RMT Group develops the personal FOVEA device and contributes to the research and development of mobile services, decision support and personalized feedback needed to monitor consumption and exercise patterns and to encourage and support healthy eating and exercise choices in daily life.


Our research foci include: Further development and application of our novel Requirements Elicitation methodology; Experimentation with registration and interpretation of physiological measurements and behavioural factors; Investigation of effectiveness of different feedback styles and modalities; and Modeling of decision support mechanisms.

Project Manager for University of Twente: Val Jones,

Research themes

From Human Sensory-Motor Function to Patient-Practitioner Interaction

Principal Investigator tracks

Val Jones - Body Area Networks for m-health; Mobile and distributed Clinical Decision Support.


EZ and Provincie Gelderland (Pilot Gebiedsgericht Innovatiebeleid)

People involved

Val Jones

Hermie Hermens

Ing Widya

Richard Bults

Ricardo Batista

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FOVEA: Food Valley Eating Administrator/adviser