Title of the assignment

Development of smart reasoning and feedback for a screening application that assesses well-being at work

Background and problem statement

C:\Users\rachterkamp.RRD2\Desktop\Occupational-Health.jpgWell-being is a very broad concept. When people are asked to rate their level of well-being, they usually think about their physical health. But what about your social life, your mental health, and even your opportunities to develop yourself? These concepts too are related to your level of well-being; it is much more than just the absence of disease. Being such a broad concept, there are many factors that can prevent you from having a high level of well-being. Therefore, we think it is important to gain insights in which factors are causing problems for individuals, and provide tools or feedback with which they can improve their level of well-being.


Roessingh Research and Development created a conceptual version of an application that gives users insights in their level of well-being. Literature studies led to a framework of well-being, which was used to search for appropriate questionnaires and tests. The result is an approximately 15 minute test, after which users know how they score on the different aspects of well-being and which of these can – or should – be improved.

The content of the application is already clear; various questionnaires and tests have been identified. However, it is still unclear how to calculate a total score and present the results to the user attractively. Additionally, the results should include an advice on how users can improve their results and where to start.


Literature study

Design and develop interface of app



Thesis writing

Educational program


Create/Industrial Design/BMT

Research theme

From Human Sensory-Motor Function to Patient-Practitioner Interaction

Principal Investigator track

Miriam Vollenbroek

Supervision and info

Reinoud Achterkamp (r.achterkamp@rrd.nl)

Thijs Tönis