MSc projecten MiniSens project

Peter Veltink

16 December 2014

M.Sc. projects for EE and BME students are available in the framework of the STW project MiniSens in collaboration with company Xsens (

A summary of the project is given below:

MiniSens project

Many high-potential applications of daily-life monitoring (e.g., in telemedicine, virtual reality, and serious gaming) require 3D full body motion tracking. Unconstrained body movement capture anytime/anywhere requires the sensing system to be self-contained, unobtrusive, easy to wear, cheap and low-power. Existing systems for unconstrained movement capture require a sensor system to be strapped to each body segment to be tracked (for example for full body tracking 17 sensors are needed), resulting in a relatively complex and expensive system. The MiniSens project aims at accurately estimating unconstrained 3D full body movements using a minimal on-body sensor set, e.g., 4 or 5 sensors for full body capture. We assume this to be feasible because apparently complex human body movements have shown to be inherently low-dimensional in nature and can thus be smartly represented using an effective low number of degrees of freedom. The key challenges that we address include analyzing the relation between number of sensing devices, their position on the human body, the complexity of body movements to be described, and the resulting reconstruction accuracy. In addition, our challenge is to improve this accuracy through the use of biomechanical characteristics and personification of the analysis. Personification will be explored by finding and adaptively identifying a limited number of parameters that characterize user-specific patterns of body movements. Finally, we will infer application-specific kinematic, kinetic, and dynamics measures, such as joint angles, body center of mass, body-applied forces, etc. Our new fully-body motion tracking methods applying minimal sensing will be validated against a gold standard lab-based 3D movement analysis system and will be demonstrated in two representative applications in virtual reality and telemedicine explored in collaboration with user parties RE-liON and Roessingh Research and Development. The primary user involved in developing the involved methods is the company Xsens, internationally successful in 3D movement sensing.

Contact person: Peter Veltink: ; tel. 053-4892765