Validation of feedback message categorization

Validation of feedback message categorization

Background and problem statement

Numerous technology-supported physical activity interventions have been developed to improve the level of physical activity in the general population. These services seem promising and are effective in the short-term. However, long-term effectiveness is poor. Incorporating behavioural change theories are hypothesized to offer a solution. We expect that a service that successfully incorporates such insights will be more effective in achieving a real and lasting change in behaviour.


Six feedback strategies have been developed and implemented into a technology-supported physical activity intervention. Based on level of self-efficacy, stage of change and level of physical activity, subjects are assigned one of these feedback strategies, which means that subjects that are assigned to different feedback strategies receive different feedback messages.

A database with messages has been constructed and the messages have been matched to the most suited feedback strategy. However, this classifications needs to be validated. Therefore, the student will design, set-up and perform an experiment to investigate this through e.g. expert workshops or by questionnaires.


Literature study

Set up expert workshop or questionnaire



Thesis writing

Educational program


Create/Industrial Design/BMT

Research theme

From Human Sensory-Motor Function to Patient-Practitioner Interaction

Principal Investigator track

Miriam Vollenbroek

Supervision and info

Reinoud Achterkamp (