Theme: Micro- and nanofluidics

Continuous flow seperation of DNA

Burcu Gumuscu

The goal of the Ph.D. project is to develop nanofluidic devices for the separation/fractionation of biological macromolecules. Target macromolecular compounds will be both proteins and nucleic acids ( DNA and RNA). The project aims at the development of new anisotropic nanofluidics devices with high throughput. The devices will be designed to operate in continuous flow, enabling downstream processing of the separated components for example by amplification.

The first part of this project has focused on the manufacturing of 2D microstructured gels, which have successfully been manufactured [B.Gumuscu et al, Large scale patterning of hydrogel microarrays using capillary pinning, Lab Chip 2015]. At present the project focuses on biomolecule separations using these structures.


Burcu Gumuscu

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Prof. dr. Jan Eijkel

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