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Cristina Tiflidis

Christina Tiflidis
Electroosmotic mixing in microfluidic devices

Mass transfer limitations put constraints on the attainable throughput of reactors, the speed and efficiency of reactions, analytical separations, etc. In EVODIS, supported by an ERC starting grant (Dr. Wim De Malsche, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB) electroosmotic flow is employed to enhance mass transfer and concomitantly increase the efficiency of unit operations in microfluidic devices. This PhD project is a joint PhD between VUB (Promotor Dr. Wim De Malsche) and Utwente (promotor prof. Jan Eijkel) and takes place at both universities.

My task in the project is to electrically design and develop the microfluidic devices that can be used for mixing and to perform a first proof of concept of the improved mixing behavior.

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