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Canvas update #10 – How to download Blackboard learning materials for storage in a personal archive?

In October 2018 Blackboard switched from production LMS to an Archive. In earlier communication we already have let you know that it would be possible to download materials from your Blackboard course to save them in your personal archive or to reuse them in your new Canvas courses. Probably all current materials have already been uploaded to Canvas (with or without the help of a Canvas Student Assistant), but maybe you also want to store materials in your personal archive to reuse them at a later moment.

It is good to know that Blackboard archive is, as also clearly announced on the Blackboard archive site, available until 14 September 2020. After this date the complete Blackboard archive environment will be removed and all materials in this environment will be completely deleted!

We have published an easy step-by-step guide for several (bulk) download options on the UT Blackboard instructor manuals website in PDF format. Please use this guide to create your personal backup of Blackboard learning materials.