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Canvas update #9 – The availability of Canvas student assistants for course preparation

Since the start of this academic year we work with Canvas as our primary Digital Learning Environment. As part of the Canvas implementation project student assistants were available to help lecturers with their course preparation and moving content from Blackboard to Canvas.

At the 23th of April the last quartile starts and our student assistants are currently contacting lecturers (course contact persons, based on OSIRIS course information) to offer their help to prepare these courses. For them it is the last period of supporting lecturers in preparing their courses and moving over materials from Blackboard to Canvas. These Canvas project student assistants will only be available until the end of April 2019.

From May 2019 only the regular Canvas support will be available to answer your questions. For contacting the regular Canvas support of your faculty, see the “Contact page” at the Canvas information website.

The Canvas implementation project itself will end at 31 May 2019. Of course the Canvas information website and all support materials will still be available and updated by the regular Canvas applications specialists from CES-Information management after we have ended the project.

Canvas innovation will be initiated and coordinated by the TELT Canvas innovation workgroup. You can find more information about Canvas innovation at the TELT website.