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OSIRIS Offline Februari 28

Dear OSIRIS user, 

After using OSIRIS version 5 for five years we migrate to OSIRIS 6 on the 28th of February. This migration concerns the OSIRIS back office. OSIRIS 6 offers a more modern and efficient interface and new, more flexible report options.

This means that OSIRIS is NOT available from:

-Thursday February 27th, from 18:00 hours until Monday March the 3rd, 09:00 hours

Due to this back office migration OSIRIS front office applications, OSIRIS Student as well as OSIRIS Docent/Begeleider will also be unavailable during this time.

The ‘new OSIRIS’ will be set up and tested by colleagues from IM-FAB and ICTS. On the Monday after the weekend UT employees can start working in the new OSIRIS back office. The front office ‘OSIRIS Student’ will also be available for UT students.

NB: If you need to extract or enter any information or data to/from OSIRIS before the weekend please do this before Friday February 28th. If you need to register for tests or courses, be sure to do so before Friday February 28th. Try to plan in work that doesn’t require access to OSIRIS for the Friday. Due to

By organising this migration mostly in the weekend, we hope to minimize the disruption. If you have any questions about the migration please contact your OSIRIS key user.


OSIRIS 6 project group