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After using OSIRIS version 5 for five years we’ve migrated to OSIRIS 6 this past Friday and weekend. The ‘new OSIRIS’ has been set up and tested by colleagues from IM-FAB and ICTS. When you log into the OSIRIS back office you’ll find a more modern and efficient interface and new, more flexible report options.

1st of March, 18:00 h. was the moment OSIRIS 6 went live. This means that all of the OSIRIS modules are now available again:

-OSIRIS Back office

-OSIRIS Student

-OSIRIS Docent/begeleider

-OSIRIS Aanmeld

Back Office users

We can’t check (before Monday 03/03) if the link in the ‘UT WebApps’ is changed to direct you to OSIRIS 6. If not, here is the link to the new OSIRIS back office:

All documentation and training materials used during the migration preparation period is available via the website ‘educational applications UT’.

In OSIRIS 6 you have the same permissions as you had in the previous version. Your work processes and the tasks you performed in OSIRIS 5 remain the same in OSIRIS 6. The presentation of the data, the menu’s and action buttons are the only changes.

Remember to use Firefox access OSIRIS.

Post implementation support

CES-IMFAB, ICTS, OSIRIS key users and many others have been busy in minimizing any inconvenience this migration could cause. If you have any enquiries regarding the migration or in finding your way in the new please contact your OSIRIS key user.

With regards,

OSIRIS 6 project group