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Most important changes in MTT 2.6

On Tuesday June 11th the newest version of MTT has been released. The most important changes are:

  • Timetables can now be filtered using the academic year
  • Timetables can be filtered using the Activity type: If a Module or Subject has been selected, the Activity type to be shown can be selected. For this, click on the arrow behind the Module and select ‘Filter activity types’. A useful option is the option ‘select none’: using this, all types are deselected so that the right types can be checked.
  • The options ‘Enable all’ and ‘Disable all’. These can be used to select or deselect all subjects in a Module. If a subject is deselected, the checkbox of the Module changes shape as a warning. If multiple Modules are selected, the same option can be used to enable or disable all modules in an academic year. With the option ‘Remove all’ all Modules can be removed at once.
  • In the ‘Settings’, available in the top bar of the site, two new view options have been added:
  1. Deduplicate equal activities from different timetables: If multiple timetables containing the same Activity are selected, the Activity will only be shown once. This box is checked by default, but can be unchecked. MTT will remember this.
  2. Show student sets: This option makes it possible to show student sets. This box is checked by default, but it can of course be unchecked.
  • Filter on Activity type on the top level: Under Settings, the tab ‘Filter by activity type’ is now available. This is found only in the Timetable view. In this tab, all Activity types are again listed. Unfortunately, the possibility to check or uncheck all boxes is not present here. Using this option, the activities in your timetable are “pre-filtered”: if e.g. you would check only the box for (Partial) Exams, only (Partial) Exams are shown in your timetable, regardless of what you select for your Modules. NOTE: This is the main danger of this option: MTT will remember your preference and will not show all activities that are unchecked when you use MTT again. Please make sure not to miss anything due to this option.